We serve breakfast in a paper carrier bag.

You can have breakfast in your room, but if the weather is good, you can also enjoy it on a bench along the seafront or in the 'Leopold Park', both a stone's throw from the hotel.

In our lobby you can get coffee from freshly roasted coffee beans or tea.

The Breakfast Bag consists of:

*   white and brown sandwiches
*   croissant and 'pain au chocolat'
*   butter
*   chocolate paste, jam and honey
*   ham, young cheese, brie-cheese

*   smoked salmon or salami or slices of roasted chicken
*   orange juice
*   bottle of water
*   Actimel
*   Fruit salad
*   Fruit yogurt
*   a piece of fruit such as a banana, an apple, bunch of grapes
*   hard boiled egg
*   spoon, knife, napkin and plate

The cost of the Breakfast Bag is 13 euros per person.