The Queen of the Seaside towns for many years, remains fascinating. A vibrant seaside town where art, culture, gastronomy and nice accommodations go hand in hand.  A stay in Ostend never ceases to amaze you.  Your experience starts at Prado Next Door.


Since this summer you can discover four new works in the green belt of Ostend: DFace, Elisa Capdevila, ERES and Case Maclaimlet their creativity loose on our city.  During the autumn holidays Helen Bur came by and placed a beautiful portrait of rock singer Arno on the town hall. And Zenith, better known as Matthias Schoenaerts, once again left his mark on Ostend as a street art city with a gigantic work of king Leopold II. The Crystal Ship is also this year more than worth discovering!



Kursaal Ostend is a mythical place. As early as the nineteenth century, people came to this place to relax.

The present building dates from just after the Second World War. But don't worry, from 2003 to 2005 the building underwent a major renovation. Nowadays Kursaal Ostend is a magnificent concert hall with more than 2000 seats, where performances for young and old are scheduled throughout the year.



The Oosteroever is the place to relax, to get a breath of fresh  air and to find some peace . The outer harbour area is also a fascinating part of the city and has a lot to offer to tourists. The area is free of traffic and therefore very suitable for anature walk. The free ferry boat makes it even more fun for children!